Andy Morrison, 89 Uxbridge Drive, Ernesettle, Plymouth, PL5 2SF. Tel:- 07815-613436 Email:- info@morrisonsschoolofmotoring.co.uk
Bryan Whitney, 15 Chaddlewood Avenue, St. Judes, Plymouth, PL4 8RE Tel:- 07838 -036181 Email:- bryan.whitney@btinternet.com
Chris Weekes, 65 Ashleigh Close, Tamerton Foliot, PL5 4PZ. Tel:- 07834-074806 Email:- chrisweekes2@yahoo.co.uk
Road Safety
Rob Bullen, 7 Tregarland Close, Coad´s Green, Cornwall, PL15 7NE. Tel:- 07830-284144 Email:- rhbullen@gmail.com
Training & Events
Liz Purchase, 17 Walsingham Court, Plymouth, PL7 2WN. Tel:- 07811132869 Email:- liz_purchase@hotmail.com
Welfare Officer
Chris Walker.
Tel:- 07961-879691
Minutes of the General Meeting held on Tuesday 4th June 2019 at the Tamar View Community Centre.
The meeting was opened at 8:00 hrs.
Present: Bryan Whitney, Liz Purchase, Andy Morrison, Chris Weekes, Pete Neale, Roger Jewell, Vito Synowski, Ken Roden, Chris Walker, Bev Kiltie, Jude Collinson, Dave Joce, Dave Eden, Paul Hadfield, John Beswetherick,, Graham Munday, Michael May, Sue Duncan, Angie Presland, Iraq H Jam, James Elliot, Nigel Bowen, Eric Cassidy, Gemma Hewlett, Rob Bullen, Pete Robinson, Larry Girling,
Apologies: Doug Harris, John Curtin, Steve Brown, Tanya Hooper, Dave Bickford, Damon Lake, Nick Jones, Mark Lewis.
The minutes of the May meeting had been circulated to members. Roger Jewell did not receive his, the secretary to look into it.
A proposal that the minutes of the May meeting should be accepted as a true and accurate record was made by Pete Neale and seconded by Angie Presland.
Bryan whitney Page 1 28th March 2018
Matters Arising
The chairman informed the members that himself and the Secretary attended the ADINJC association meeting on the 1st June in Walsall.
There were 2 speakers, the first was Nayesh Radia who was winner of First Car Best Driving Instructor 2018. his presentation was about Share the Road Responsibility and Accountability; the initiatives to address concerns about making roads safe for all, the presentation included some statistics on fatalities and casualties and the cost of crashes in the UK.
The second speaker was Steve Williams from Slater & Gordon Solicitors who has been a Homicide Liaison officer with the metropolitan Police and now works for Slater & Gordon as a Family Liaison Mentor. This was a very interesting presentation about how lawyers and police work together nonfatal and catastrophic events .
Andy explained to the members that the ADINJC now have a half day course on Mock Test, this is given by Lin Weston who is an ex-Examiner with DVSA and gives an insight into how examiners mark a test. We would be looking to couple this with a half day course on Coaching to be given to our members and Non members over the course of one day here in Plymouth. Andy asked the members if their would be any interest and to contact the committee on committe@apdi.info .
The Secretary reminded everyone about the Conference and Expo taking place on 6th October, anyone wishing to attend needs to register online.There are currently 700 people registered with confirmed 37 Trade stands and numerous speakers.
At the ADINJC meeting it was reiterated about the sort of help they can give ADI’s in the form of supporting you if you receive a hearing letter from the DVSA, if you need help with your Standards Check, it was mentioned that the sooner you contact them the outcome is usually better.
Secretary received an email from Compare Driving test Cancellations, as there are so many cancellations at present this website is worth a look to see how these companies get these cancellation dates.
Current Account: £3040.34 £45.41 paid in, £30 paid out Saver Account: £2020.15 £1.01 Quarterly Interest.
The Honest Truth Fund currently stands at £440.41
Unfortunately Pat Patel is not with us tonight, we were hoping that the I.D. cards would be ready. If you want an I.D. card message Chris Weekes with a Selfie and your ADI number.
Road Safety Officer
Rob Bullen has emailed Plymouth City Council with an updated list of all the issues and as yet had no replies.
A member put forward a new issue about the foliage obscuring the visibility of many signs around Plymouth.
Training and Events
Summer BBQ is on at the next Association meeting, if you wish to join us you need to let Liz Purchase no numbers and also any dietary requirements for catering.
Bryan whitney Page 2 28th March 2018

Treasure Hunt, the committee are looking to put on a Treasure Hunt on 28th July, we need to know numbers as a lot of work goes into it.
First Aid Course. Scheduled for 4th September. If we have enough numbers we will organise a second date in September. Please let us know asap.
Welfare Officer
The Welfare officer has spoken to martin Heron and is pleased to inform us that he is well on the mend and hoping to be back to work soon. There were no other items.
Instructional Matters
Any Other Business
The chairman put forward a motion that the association buy there own projector and laptop for the use of presentations, as there were technical issues with tonight’s presentation resulting Sue Duncan having to go home and get a specific lead.
A big thank you to Sue.
Proposed: Bryan Whitney Seconded: Chris Walker Motion put to the vote. Motion Carried unanimously
Tonights Presentation was by Darren Russell, DVSA Local Enforcement Manager for West Midlands and the South West, along with Julie Sinclair Plymouth Test Centre Manager.
Darren spoke about his role which covers all ADI training from Standards checks to ORDIT, it was an excellent presentation and to give you a flavour of this here are some of the topics that were covered.
Top 5 reasons for Standards Check Failure:
• Lesson plan
• Teaching Style suitable
• Pupil encouraged to analyse and take responsibility. • Feedback during lesson
• Sufficient feedback to pupil on Safety critical incidents.
• ORDIT Changes, only Grade A ADI’s can be ORDIT register to mention just one.
• Driver’s Record? PDI Workbook
• ADI Responsibilities,
• Mobile Examiner Services, later this year iPads will start to be introduces instead
of the current marking sheet for driving tests. Examiners are currently under training for this.
ADI Practical tests - Part 2 Overall pass rate 59.3%
ADI Register -
Part 3 Overall pass rate 37.4% ADI’s 39,408
PDI’s 1,933
Grade A 11,184 Grade B 23,218 Fail 1,330
Pass rate on Standards Check 82%
Bryan whitney
Page 3
28th March 2018

This is just a small summary of what was an excellent presentation.
As you will have read earlier in these minutes we had some technical difficulties. While these were being sorted Julie Sinclair kindly took questions from the floor on local test issues.
The waiting list for driving tests is now down to 8 weeks, 2 weeks prior to this it was at 12 weeks this has been achieved by brining in Examiners from other parts of the country where their waiting list are much shorter. She explained the reasons for the many cancellations are sickness, Driving Examiners leaving, annual leave and training courses.
Pete Neale informed Julie that he had written to his local MP, Julie went onto explain that they have drafted in 8 different examiners between the 17th June and 19th August.
Another thing that compounds the long lead times for tests is Instructors who bring up their students when they are not ready and result in a fail and therefore rebook their test increasing the wait as instructors we should know when are pupils are ready for test.
The DVSA’s ideal lead time for a test is 6 weeks.
Questions were asked if the DVSA are recruiting for Plymouth the answer was not at present, the answer is not at present as the DVSA are trying to mange their resources by moving Driving Examiners around the country where they can.
The Chairman brought the meeting to a close at 22.15pm
The next meeting of the Association will take place on Tuesday 2nd July at
the Tamar View Community Centre, at 7.30 for 8pm. Summer BBQ
1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of previous meeting
3. Chairman’s Business
4. Secretary’s Business
5. Treasurer’s Business
6. Road Safety Officer
7. Training/Events
8. Welfare Officer
9. Instructional matters
10. Any Other Business
There will is the
23rd June 2nd July 28th July 6th August
3rd September 4th September 1st October
Highways England Visit
Summer BBQ & general meeting
Treasure Hunt
Presentation by Melanie Cotterill from Roper James Solicitors on Wills, Power of attorney, and the role of a will Executor
Charity night
First Aid Course
Presentation by John Best, Accountant
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