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Chris Weekes, 65 Ashleigh Close, Tamerton Foliot, PL5 4PZ.
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Road Safety
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Training & Events

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Welfare Officer

Chris Walker.
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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at the Tamar View Community Centre.

The meeting was opened at 20:00 hrs.

Present: Bryan Whitney, Chris Weekes, Graham Munday, Dave Bickford, Ken Roden, Sue Duncan, Jude Collinson, Antony Badman, Rob Bullen, Pete Robinson, James Elliot, Dave Eden, Andy Morrison, Chris Walker.

Apologies: Roger Jewell, Mike May, Mark Lewis, Angie Presland, Liz Purchase, Larry Girling, John Curtin, Doug Harris,, Kerrie Walker, Graham Longhurst.

The minutes of the February meeting have been circulated to members.
A proposal that the minutes of the December meeting should be accepted as a true and accurate record.
Proposed by Sue Duncan and Seconded by Antony Badman.

Matters Arising
There were no matters arising.

The Mock Test Workshop went very well with Lin Weston of ADINJC giving a very good insight into the workings of examiners and how we should conduct our mock tests.
Rob Bullen and Chris Weekes attended the quarterly meeting of the ADINJC.

The secretary explains the situation with the association website and the continuing problems.
Our current website designer put a monthly charge on all his websites to maintain and up date them, as a committee we decided that as a non profit organisation that we would look elsewhere, our chairman had an ex-pupil who was a web designer, we instructed him to build a new website, unfortunately this did not materialise in the meantime we allowed the current website to lapse.
As there was no progress we as a committee decided to ask Driving Instructor Sites to reinstate our old website, this has proved to be easier said than done, hence the ongoing problems.
I am working with them as much as I possibly can to get the website up and running properly , hopefully in the near future you will hear from me asking you to update your profiles, please do not try at the moment as you will not have any success.

The treasurer has received the certificates for the Mock Test Workshop, and will email them to those members who attended.

One new member join at the Last meeting that was Dan Ashley. The membership now stands at:
75 paid up members,
11 Honorary members
4 Affiliated members.

Bank Accounts
Current £1981.24
Saver £2022.88 (up 71p from last month)
2 letters from the bank
They will issue a card for cash deposits.
Cheque deposits by paying-in book only
The interest on the saver account will be reduced from 0.2% to 0.1%

He contacted Plymouth Albion to acquire discounts but they were not interested as they already give discounts to O.A.P’s , dibbled and youngsters. and therefore may upset season ticket holders.

Road Safety Officer
Rob gave a very detailed report on the ADINJC meeting he and Chris attended. Here are some of the points he mentioned.
Speakers were Mike Warner and John Sheridan of the DVSA.
They spoke about the use of iPads on tests, currently all Class B tests are conducted with iPads , Class B+E will start in Mid March, Bike Tests 1 and 2 are under test at present and therefore expected soon, ADI 2 + 3 will go to iPads but there is not time scale for this.
Their customer survey is at present random to candidates after passing test.
They are looking into possible feedback to ADI’s after tests.
Apparently the results email has no name on it, this is going to be looked into.

ADI’s removing badge on tests is about 2% many different reasons for this.
Cardington (where the examiners are trained) have open days a few times a year unfortunately they are only on weekdays. and cost £20 per person.
Fuel efficient driving was discussed although ECO driving is nit a failure you can fail for things like approach speed to junctions which results in acceleration and then harsh braking resulting in high fuel usage,
12% of ADI’s sit in the back of tests.
72% of ADI’s attend de-briefs.
They are looking into tests conducted with the Hard of Hearing and looking to have a uniformed sign language used int the car which as instructors we can use to adopt consistency.
The DVSA are looking into giving accreditation to courses that driving instructors attend these will be either recognised or endorsed. Endorsed will mean that they give results that have been confirmed by results analysed after a 2 year period.
The other speaker was Annette Lloyd from The Honest Truth.
She gave an update on how they were funding groups of Driving Instructors to deliver this very crucial message to pupils.

Plymouth has currently secured funding for 25 Instructors, but at present only 8 have signed up.

So all you instructors that were instructing the Honest Truth before, hurry up and sign up as there are only 25 places then you will have to pay a subscription charge.

There is a meeting on March 18th by The Honest Truth
Venue to be notified at a later date.

Rob also attended a Road Safety conference in Bristol which highlighted facts about Smart motorways that the fatalities would probably have happened on normal motor way , there have been 38 deaths in 5 years this actually equates to 1 weeks amount of fatalities across all roads.
A road safety auditor was asked to look into a problem junction in Thailand where there were 6 fatalities and 240 injures in one month and with a few ideas on how to improve it with hardly any cost this was reduced to 1 fatality and 50 injuries.

On a more local note , the signage around the city has improved due to trees and shrubbery being cut back.
Rob was asked to look into the safety rope barrier on the Parkway as this was noticed top lying on the ground just after Manadon roundabout.
Chris Walker felt that the signage on the approach to Charles Church roundabout was not sufficient due to the new layout.

Training and Events
L of a way 2 pass workshop 27th April.
Anybody looking to do a First Aid Course this year? let the committee know if your interested.
Air Ambulance presentation next month
Cardington visit if anybody is interested.
The committee are looking to try and secure a presentation from someone high up in the DVSA.

Welfare Officer
Chris Walker has agreed to stay on in the post for the time being as there have been no offers to take on the role.
Doug harris is not well with a back problem, Chris will drop a card in to him.

Instructional Matters
A point was made by Sue Duncan that we should be instructing our students on making sure they have enough fuel to complete their journeys.
An incident happened where a car ran out of fuel at the bottom of Manadon slip road the 2 young lads went and fetched some fuel one lad got in the car put his seat belt on the other sorted the fuel got in car and was hit from behind by another car he didnt have time to put his seat belt on and went through the windscreen, he ended up in hospital and many weeks later the parents agreed to turn off his life support.
There has been a complaint about one of the staff at the Theory Test Centre his customer service is abysmal and aggressive, the committee was asked if they could put a complaint into the DVSA, to do so we would need his name.

Any Other Business
Possible presentation into mental health,
Any member or ADI who feels they are struggling with stress etc. can always contact in confidence Chris Walker
Andy Morrison
Bryan Whitney
Problem shared is a problem halved.

The Chairman brought the meeting to a close at 21:30


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